About the Designer

Award winning television personality, Jackie Johnson, has a passion for clothing and design. Always excelling in her art classes in school, she started sketching clothing at a young age. This passion continued into her television career: she had a television segment in Miami called “Fashion Forward”, and an Emmy Nominated show in Los Angeles called “Great Finds”. Being on television everyday, doing her weathercasts now for over 10 years, she had struggled to find those ‘perfect fitting pieces’ to wear on TV. So she started designing some of her own clothes when she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for. After getting many compliments on those pieces, and requests by people to “make them the same thing”, she started to turn her passionate hobby into a business. “I just want to help make women’s lives simpler”, Johnson says. “I don’t like looking in my packed closet at all the money I wasted, and saying “I have nothing to wear!”. “In my travels around the world, I’ve always admired the graceful, yet effortless style of the French woman. In Paris the women’s closets are so tiny, yet they have exactly what they need for any occasion, and they always look fabulous. I wanted to create that sense of easy elegance for every women, including myself.” “So, I donated all my wasted clothes to charities such as Dress For Success, The Cinderella Project, The Salvation Army and Goodwill to name a few. And designed my own 10 piece wardrobe. It has made my life so much easier, I always feel put together, and feel great in these figure flattering pieces”. “Now I want every women to have the chance to make their lives easier, and look their best while doing so!”.