The French Closet Concept

Who is The French Closet woman?

Smart, sexy, feminine & elegant. A busy woman who is always on the go and wants to look stunning, yet effortless. Doesn’t want to waste time with the latest trend. Timeless style, without wasting money. Knows what looks and feels best on her.


What is The French Closet?

The French Closet is your perfect 10 piece wardrobe. 10 most flattering, versatile, key pieces of clothing, which can make 100 different looks, that can be worn all season long.

Why does The French Closet work so well?

There are too many choices in clothing. Woman usually buy too many things, have a packed closet of overpaid clothing, yet only wear a few things they feel best in.

The 10 piece wardrobe are those things you feel and look best in, and can go from work, to play to a night out on the town. And packing for a trip has never been so easy!


How The French Closet works?

The 10 essentials to your wardrobe will always be available, all season long. Once you have those 10 favorite pieces, we will add two new items each season to keep your wardrobe fresh and interesting, without breaking the bank!